Who’s On YOUR LIst

About God

There is nothing more important than knowing God. I'm glad you are here to find out more. Most people believe that when it is their turn to meet God at the end of their lives, He will accept them because they have been good enough to enter heaven. They certainly know people who are much worse than they are. They think, after all God is a God of love and He certainly would not send them to eternal punishment. They recognize they may have made mistakes, but think they are really pretty good. This thinking could not be further from the truth!

Maybe that thinking describes you today. I am glad you are here because the message of the Bible is both much better and much worse than that. It is important that you know what God actually says.

Here is the Truth

The truth is that God created you to be in relationship with Him. He loves you more than you can ever begin to imagine and He wants you to be part of His family. (Psalm 139:13-18)

Simply put, many people understand God to be a bigger and better version of themselves. In their minds they believe that God thinks like they do. They assume He acts like they do most of the time, and He even likes a lot of the same things they do. However God is not like us. We are finite, God is infinite. We are bound by physical bodies; God is Spirit and is not constrained. We fail, make mistakes and even do what we know is wrong; God is perfect. He has no character flaws. He is absolute Truth. He does not make mistakes and there is not the smallest imperfection in His nature.

Far from Acceptable in God's Sight

Because of that, no impurity can be tolerated by God. To come into God's presence and to be accepted by Him you would need to be utterly and absolutely perfect. Unfortunately there is no one on this earth who meets that qualification. There has only ever been one to be perfect and acceptable in God's sight. That is Jesus - but we will get to Him in a minute.

So when people say that God will accept them because they are good enough, they simply don't understand the nature of God - or their very own nature for that matter. To use an analogy, trying to earn God's favor would be like trying to swim from Los Angeles to Australia. Some may swim a few miles. Some may only be able to swim a few yards. But no one could ever swim the distance.

Remember God's perfection is infinite. In our finiteness and sinful nature it is absolutely impossible to earn God's favor. In fact the Bible says that our good deeds are like filthy rags. (Isaiah 64:6) (Romans 3:23)

Here's the Bad News

No matter who you are, you can not be good enough to earn God's favor. In fact you have only compiled His anger at this point. Why His anger? you may ask. Many people would say, "I've done nothing to make God angry, maybe disappointed but He has no reason to be angry with me."

That's wishful thinking. Our moral failures and unfaithfulness to God requires punishment - the punishment of death. We need to die for those things. And because God is an infinite God, that death is an infinite death. The only way out of that infinite death is for someone who is undeserving of that death to take our place.

The message of the Bible is that you are in a perilous situation, facing infinite punishment. You need to be rescued. There is only one way out. You are facing certain, infinite death unless you call out to the one - the only one - who has defeated death.

Jesus Steps In

That is why God sent His only Son to this earth. It was so that His Son, Jesus, could take on Himself all the evil, moral failures and apathy toward God. He took every despicable and repulsive thought, action and behavior on Himself and He was killed in our place.

Jesus died the most torturous, inhumane, excruciating death imaginable. The God of the universe, in human form, was beaten and scourged until He was literally unrecognizable. He was stripped, mocked and spat upon in humiliation. He then had large spikes driven through His wrists and through His feet and He was hung on a cross to die. Crucifixion was a slow and excruciating death. Jesus endured all of that in order to cover your failures and righteous shortcomings. He endured all of that and much more to provide you a way to a relationship with God.

If what most people believe is true; that God will accept them because they have been good enough, then God allowed His only Son to be executed in such a torturous way for no reason at all. However, that is not the message of the Bible.

And Now the Good News

Jesus defeated death by rising from the dead after three days. No other "religious figure" can make that claim. The message of the Bible is that you are in a perilous situation, facing infinite punishment, and you need to be rescued. There is only one way out. So when you call out to Jesus in humility, recognizing that you have failed God's standard of absolute perfection, He will hear you. Ask Him to forgive you of all the thoughts, actions and behaviors that fall short of His standards - the Bible calls that sin. Ask Jesus to rescue you from the death that you deserve. Determine that you will follow Him as your leader and ultimate authority. (John 3:16)

God's anger is kindled when we reject and ignore such a massive sacrifice on our behalf by arrogantly assuming that we are good enough in our own right. But His love is reaching out, waiting for you to accept His gift, His sacrifice on your behalf. You really can have a close relationship with God right now. Simply call out to Him wherever you are.

The good news is that you can have a new life when you acknowledged your sinfulness and call out to Jesus to rescue you. If you do, you won’t have to stand before God at the end of your life and hope that you were good enough. When you stand before God you may confidently say, "I am not worthy to be in your presence BUT your Son, Jesus has taken all my sin and shame on Himself - He died FOR me and TOOK MY PUNISHMENT. I do not stand before You in my own goodness but I come because of the goodness and sacrifice of Jesus." Jesus, the Son of God will be your advocate - your defense attorney, and He will plead your case before His Father. God has promised to adopt you as His child and you will be welcomed into His Kingdom. That is a promise from God Himself. (Galatians 4:4-7) (1 John 2:1-6)

Be Rescued!

Call out to Jesus today. When you do, let us know so we can celebrate with you.

You can have an ongoing relationship with God beginning right now! The hard part has been done by Jesus. The rest is up to you. Let us know if you need to know more; we will gladly help. Also begin reading through the Gospel of John in the Bible and pray that God will show Himself to you. He will do it. He is not hiding from you. On the contrary, He has gone to extreme measures to help you find Him. You can read in a printed Bible or you can start here online (Bible Gateway) at chapter 1 and page through the rest of the book. We pray that you begin your new life very soon. It will be a choice you will never regret!