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PrayrList is an interactive application to help you pray regularly and consistently for your friends on Facebook. (It can even help you pray for friends not on Facebook.) PrayrList is meant to help you make a difference in your world through prayer! Please visit our PrayrList YouTube channel or our PrayrList GodTube channel for more information and help or see the features below.

About PrayrList

PrayrList is an intuitive and simple application to use, but we have provided the following instructions to help you use the application to its full potential.

Setting up PrayrList:

The main choice you will make is the frequency of praying for your friends. You may choose to pray for your friends once per week or once per month, quarter or year. The number of friends you have in your rotation will help determine what best fits your ability to pray faithfully. If you choose a manageable list, you will be more likely to stay with your commitment to pray.

PrayrList 30 Challenge:

New users are presented with the PrayrList 30 challenge when they allow the PrayrList application. The 30 day challenge is simply this: Research shows that to establish a habit or behavior pattern, a person should repeat the behavior for at least 21 days consecutively. The 30 day challenge is designed to help you make prayer for your friends a normal and natural part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth or eating. By consistently praying for 30 days you establish a pattern that becomes a natural part of your day. So take the challenge and see the difference it makes in your life and the lives of your friends.

Prayed For Today Button:

The "Prayed For Today" button is an important feature of PrayrList. This button accomplishes 3 important functions of PrayrList.

  1. It allows you to let your friends know that you prayed for them.
  2. It keeps track of who you have prayed for so you will keep your prayer list organized and up-to-date and
  3. It helps provide feedback to you of the difference you are making in the lives of others.

Be sure to click the "Prayed For Today" button after you pray for a friend.

Notifications: Telling your friends that you have prayed for them is an encouragement to them. By simply clicking "Prayed for Today" under their profile pictures, you will be able to notify your friends that you prayed for them today. A simple Facebook alert will be sent and posted to their wall. Before the notification is sent, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to notify your friend. This is just in case there is a friend you want to pray for but you may not want to send a notification.

Don’t be hesitant about alerting your friends, as they will most likely be grateful for your thoughts and prayers. It is a rare person who does not appreciate someone else’s prayer on his or her behalf. This is not only a thoughtful notification for your Christian friends, but it is also great for friends who may not yet have a personal relationship with God. Perhaps your prayers will open up a spiritual conversation with them.

Keeps your list up to date: PrayrList tracks the friends you have prayed for during your rotation period. After your daily list is served to you, your friends are either moved to the next rotation or they are placed in your "Missed" category. Clicking the "Prayed For Today" button will move your friend to the next rotation cycle.

Provides you feedback: PrayrList keeps running totals of the number of friends you have prayed for. Telling the PrayrList Application that you prayed for a friend provides you feedback of how many lives you are touching. You will learn more about this in the "Cumulative Prayers" section.

Don’t forget to click the "Prayed for You Today" button!

Your Prayer Request:

You can specify a personal prayer request for your friends to pray on your behalf. Go to the top of the left column to the entry box and post your prayer request. This request will appear under your name on the lists of your friends who will be praying for you today using PrayrList. Your request will remain until you change it.

The more friends you tell about PrayrList and the more friends that you pray for on PrayrList, the greater chance of having friends praying for you every day!

Urgent Prayer Requests:

Your prayer request will typically only be displayed to those who are praying for you on that specific day. However, there are requests that come up that are urgent and important. By checking the "Urgent" box under your prayer request, an alert will be visible to all your friends using PrayrList so that they can join you in prayer. Please do not over use this function. Be sure this request truly is urgent. The urgent box will be reset each day.

Missed Friends Alert:

If you happen to miss a day on PrayrList an alert will appear letting you know that you have missed some friends in your rotation. By clicking on the alert you can bring up the list of friends you have missed. Just like on your daily list you can then click on the "Prayed for Today" button to notify those friends that you are praying for them.

Friends Praying for Me:

A list appears in the left column of your app letting you know who is praying for you today. These friends have you on their list to pray for today. (HINT: Encourage your friends to join PrayrList. The more friends you have using PrayrList, the more friends you will have praying for you.)

Removing Friends:

There are people or places on your friends list that you may want to remove from the prayer rotation. You can easily remove that person or page by checking the "Remove" box near your friend’s name on the list or on the "friends" tab of the application. This will not unfriend them or change your Facebook relationship at all. It will simply remove them from your prayer rotation.

This is helpful if you "Liked" the local pizza place to get a discount. They do not need to be in your prayer rotation so you can "Remove" them from the rotation. The owners of that business may welcome your prayers for their business so don’t "Remove" too quickly.

Cumulative Prayers:

At times it feels as though we get nowhere in our prayer lives. By viewing cumulative prayer totals, PrayrList gives you a small reminder of how many friends you have prayed for each week, month, and year. You can also see how many friends have been prayed for across all of PrayrList.


PrayrList values your privacy. We will not give out the information you provide us to other entities without your permission. PrayrList may reference your information posted on your profile and other Facebook locations to make PrayrList as relevant, beneficial and useful for you as possible. PrayrList adheres to the Facebook Privacy standards.

About Us:

Tim Lehman
Tim Lehmann has led church media teams for 14 years. He served at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY and at Ingleside Baptist Church in Macon, GA. He is married and has 2 sons.

One day Tim saw how many friends he had on Facebook and wondered what God might do in their lives if he was faithful to pray for them regularly. He realized that Christians had been given an amazing opportunity to reach across the world in prayer with Facebook. What might God do through Christians who have hundreds of Facebook friends if they simply took a few minutes a day to pray for those friends? He realized that we could be "LIfting up the world . . .One friend at a time"

Carol Madison
Carol Madison is an author and conference speaker, with a heart to see lives transformed through prayer. She is the editor of the new Prayer Connect magazine, as well as the communications director for Prayer First. She also works with Global Day of Prayer MN.

Carol was the founding editor of Pursuit magazine, editor of the Evangelical Beacon magazine, and has been published in such publications as Pray! magazine. She currently serves both national and local church prayer ministries. You may visit Carol’s site at

Many thanks go to the technical developers of PrayrList who were individuals and businesses devoted to the mission of PrayrList. You can be assured that those who worked on PrayrList shared the values of PrayrList. PrayrList would not exist but for their commitment to this project.

Bryn Knatterud from Abiah worked tirelessly to develop the base of the PrayrList program. Bryn work was invaluable to PrayrList coming to life. Bryn took a concept and brought it to life so you are able to easily pray for your friends. Thank you to Bryn and Guy Richards from Abiah.

Ben Thole from TCVmedia brought about several important enhancements including helping to alert you when friends join, provide you with daily email reminders and increasing the capacity of PrayrList so that PrayrList could reach further and wider lifting up the world. Thank you to Ben and Nathan Tabor of TCVmedia.

PrayrList is a service of 1 Chronicles 4:10, LLC
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